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“I help women who are feeling STUCK in their relationship, find the Answers the seek, to CONFIDENTLY make the choices they need to help them on their journey to love”

Passion   Power   Purpose

At our core we have a deep well of inner knowing. We are calm, confident, and full of passion and purpose. Our lives and bodies are vibrant with health but often, because of the stress and anxiety in our busy lives, we have lost touch with that part of ourselves.

I created The Natural Mind Coach to guide women who want more from life on their journey of reconnecting with their core strength by offering them insight, clarity and transformations.

Being at peace is your greatest strength.

How I Can Help

 “In January 2020, I did a reading with Siobhan. At the time I wanted to gain clarity on a few things which I got the answers too. Fast forward to April 2020 some of the things that were discussed have come to pass. I have met a guy who is very serious about me, and the business projects I wanted to complete. I have mustered up the courage to launch it. I am very grateful for the opportunity I had with Siobhan. She has given me the clarity that I have been searching for. Thank you so much.”  Rinisse Blessed, Trinidad and Tobago, April 2020

“Thank you so much Siobhan, the session we just had which combined Wellness Coaching and Tarot was honestly Amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like it, but you nailed so many things spot on and I feel that what you did has given me an action plan and inspiration to move forward with positivity and move away from the things that had been holding me back. Great job and Highly Recommended.”  Mandy Lee, Accredited Tarot Reader and Astrologist, April 2020


Types of Readings

60 & 30 Minute

Tarot Readings

Conducted on Zoom

Tarot Readings

Email Tarot Readings

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Angels Tarot Coaching

In every one of my sessions I work with the Angels. They are the ROCK  on which all my work is based. This straightforward and natural practice, blending the Angels~ Tarot~ Coaching   ensures immediate and crystal clear answers to my clients questions. A deeply nurturing and healing bond is created, where the entire focus is on their unique and personal need, where answers to a question or a solution to a problem is required. Miracles happen when we let go of stuck & stagnant Mindset, Limiting and untrue beliefs, toxic behaviours and ALL forms of negative thinking.  Our true nature is relieved and so our life, career, relationships and bodies respond naturally and with ease. We sparkle as never before with confidence in our own Power, Passion in our heart, bodies and lives, creating a sense of Purpose and directing for the rest of our life.

If you want to

● Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

● Achieve Career Success

● Need direction

Stop waiting to be happy

● Find your Soul-Mate

● Heal a Troubled Relationship

● Finally Lose Weight Naturally

● Discover Your Life's Purpose

I had a tarot Overview spread with Siobhan and was blown away by not only the accuracy of the reading but Siobhan's spiritual knowledge and Guidance on how I should move forward. I would highly recommend her services.       Clare x


Types of Coaching Programs

The Psychic Diet

Soul 2 Soul Mate

Dating with the Angels

Bespoke Coaching

Coaching Programs

Work with Siobhan 1-2-1

with her Coaching Programs

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